Review: Headfist “This New World….”

Review: Headfist “This New World….”

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Short and sweet people…

Thank you Headfist!

Finally, a release to restore our faith in modern thrash.

Now admittedly there is a bit of a skate feel to the first few songs, but damn how they have nailed it! These Chilean thrashers have got it down and they have broken free of the clutter that is modern thrash. The vocals are fantastic, the songs are fantastic and the production and sound are fantastic! It has that raw late 80s feel to it, yet it is polished. They have absolutely hit this one out the park!

I keep saying this over and over… vocals are key! If you have crap vocals, it doesn’t matter how good the music is, your band will never gain the recognition or reach the heights it should. Headfist have delivered here big time! This is a great release, and if this is the shape of things to come then I hope these guys get all the recognition they deserve. The vocals, the music, the production… all fantastic!

If I were, however, to be super critical, the only thing I can find fault with is the album cover art, it just needed a little art direction. In saying that though, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the music, this is a great release and well worth a listen!

Kudos Headfist! Onwards and upwards! I look forward to future releases and I hope This New World… gets the recognition it deserves.

Til next time.

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