Review: Abhorrent “Kathabasis” [Australis Records]

Review: Abhorrent “Kathabasis” [Australis Records]

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Bay Area Thrash torch bearers, Abhorrent, return with their third full length, their first release of new material in nine years. Without a spec of rust in site, Kathabasis picks up right where the Brazilian face melters left off with a searing Thrash sound to get the heart pumping and circle pits forming world wide.

With a sound that brings up images of a Ride the Lightning era Metallica, taking small experimental steps away from their youthful origins, Abhorrent brings a breath of fresh air to the metal genre. Not afraid to utilize pleasant sounding melodies and beautiful instrumental interludes, Kathabasis provides a very broad spectrum look at the Thrash genre. Also present are some wonderfully done moments of dissonance, adding a feeling reminiscent of modern beat down groups abs crafting an atmosphere where a good mosh is nothing short of mandatory.

The guitars are of course crisp and crunchy, with the heavy midrange typical to this style of music. Drums move swiftly and fiercely, striking like a force of nature. The album’s bass tone is absolutely gorgeous, with the instrument being given several places to shine throughout. Vocals are deep and forceful, adding character and maturity to the sound. Think Kill Em All sung by an adult.

On an album with very few shortcomings, one highlight is the amazing opening track Candidate to Punishment. Beginning with a beautifully put together extended instrumental introduction, the track morphs several times before settling into a fast paced Thrash Metal shredder. The song incorporates all elements that you would expect from a strong tune of the classic era, while incorporating enough new ideas to keep things fresh.

Abhorrent stand tall with Kathabasis, as a quintessential Thrash act that has gone criminally underrated. Adapting to modern trends while keeping step with the best of the old guard, it will be difficult to ignore this one in future discussions of the genre. Long live Abhorrent, and may the flame of Thrash Metal burn bright.

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