Review: Abuse “Nothing is Safe”

Review: Abuse “Nothing is Safe”

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Abuse “Nothing is Safe”
Comatose Music

With a crude sense of humor and a mix between death metal and grind, you get an entertaining, brutal, and savage listen all in one. “Nothing is Safe” definitely isn’t a record that takes itself seriously as Abuse finds humor in just about everything and if you aren’t enjoying yourself or finding the humor in the songs and intros to certain songs on “Nothing is Safe”, then you are taking everything too seriously. While this record is barbaric and can make your neck twist and snap with the best of them, it’s nice to see some humor every now and then to go along with ultra brutal and disgusting metal.

Abuse starts you off with a blast right to the chest with “Fuck Me or I’ll Kill Us Both” and from then on they continue to roll ten filthy and blasphemous songs out from beginning to end without much pause in between. A lot of the songs that make an appearance on this record do have some intros to them as mentioned before, and those do provide some humor even as crude as they are. And really, if the intros and if the songs themselves weren’t crude and filth riddled the sound and the shape of the album just wouldn’t be the same.

Another constant throughout “Nothing is Safe” are the ultra brutalizing riffs, savage drumming which sounds as though the drummer has a vendetta against his kit, rumbling bass lines and vocals that transition between higher pitched squeals and unsettling and throat ripping growls. With these elements all sewn together in one mayhem and chaos filled record, you get a blasting listen that peels the skin on your face back as well as a headbanging listen. With the shorter run times on this record, each song is a blitzkrieg of death and decay that hits you and hits you hard and they just keep on coming until you are no longer breathing.

“Nothing is Safe” is a headbanging and shredding listen that is sure to please the gnarled ear drums of death metal and grind fans alike.

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Jared Harrison

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