Review: Front Beast “Third Scourge From Darkness”

Review: Front Beast “Third Scourge From Darkness”

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Front Beast “Third Scourge From Darkness”
Iron Bonehead productions

According to the list on the Metal Archives, this is release number 30 for German one man band, Front Beast. Surprisingly though, for someone who has been so prolific since his first release way back in 1999, this is only the third full length album. Most of the Front Beast output has consisted of demos, Eps and splits.

If you look at the promotional pictures of Avenger, the creator of the Front Beast sound, decked out in his bullet belts, a mix of Black Metal, Thrash and more Traditional Metal will come as no surprise, but I have to say I was slightly taken aback by the quality of the sounds on offer. The progress made from the 2006 debut album, Black Spells of the Damned, is astounding.

I suppose he should have mastered his craft by now, but I wasn‘t expecting something this good. It’s just trend free Old School Metal. The production is clear, with that authentic “cheap” feel. But it really suits the music. Make something like this too polished and it loses its magic. Keep it dirty and the excitement remains… just like sex, I suppose…

I’m not really a fan of Venom, but I think Die Hard is one of the greatest anthems ever written… and this has a similar feel. Admittedly, without being so catchy as Die Hard. But it matters not, as this is really what Metal is all about.

From the nine minute epic number that is the opening track, Journey To Golgotha to the gnarly stuttering finale of Theistic Plague, this album has only 3 real ingredients. Bullet belts, Satan and a day pass to hell… job done.

Death to false Metal!

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