Review: Accept “The Rise Of Chaos”

Review: Accept “The Rise Of Chaos”

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On the same day with Dirkschneider project, Accept release their new 15-th album ‘The Rise Of Chaos’.

Surely, many associate the name Accept with Udo Dirkschneider, but since 2009, when Mark Tornillo joined the band, it is quite distinctive band with their own style and very interesting music.

Three previous albums – ‘Blood Of The Nations’, ‘Stalingrad’ and ‘Blind Rage’ gained a lot of new fans, and not only made a great comeback of a band, but also consolidated its popularity. In many respects it is also a merit of producer Andy Sneap, who also worked on these albums, and now he worked also on ‘The Rise Of Chaos’.

Line-up has also changed: now Uwe Lulis (guitars) and Christopher Williams (drums) are playing in Accept. This fresh blood added an energy and variety to the music: there are a lots of diverse solos in an album – from simple and melodic, to hard and technical (Wolf Hoffmann’s talent is beyond any doubt).

‘The Rise Of Chaos’ includes ten new, powerful, rhythmical and catchy songs. There is great rhythm-section, which pounding the songs to the listener’s head with every drum beat; excellent guitar tandem Hoffmann-Lulis and, of course, Mark Tornillo vocals. I don’t know to whom he sold his soul, but in his age of 63 this man sing in a way that many young vocalists can envy. He has powerful, rusty voice that reminds me a voice of Eric Adams from Manowar. The opening “Die By The Sword”, titled “The Rise Of Chaos” and ending “Race To Extinction” are great done songs, which cause a listener to headbang automatically.

On the other hand, there are also songs that it seems like they were written in 80’s, forgotten, but in 2017 somebody got them out of the box in attic, played and put in the album. Honestly, it’s hard to me to say, if this is some kind of “back to the roots” or very qualitative self-iteration. E.g. “Koolaid” (by the way, Manowar‘s “Guyana” was inspired by mass suicide in Georgetown also), or “Analog Man”, that reminds in the same time AC/DC and “Balls To The Walls” in chorus. And this is the biggest flaw of this album: you can’t just enjoy the music, but painfully try to remember where you have heard it. The great example of it is “Carry The Weight”: it’s fast, aggressive, full of energy, but this song made by classical heavy metal patterns. Judas Priest did the similar music, Iron Maiden did the similar music and Accept also did the similar music 30 years ago.

Nevertheless, if you’ll stop asking yourself “where did I hear it already?” (seek and you shell find, you know), you can enjoy this great and powerful album from “Teutonic heavy legend” (this is also phrasing from 80s).

‘The Rise Of Chaos’ will be released on August, 4th via Nuclear Blast Records.   


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