Review: ALPHASTATE “The Grind” [Sliptrick Records]

Review: ALPHASTATE “The Grind” [Sliptrick Records]

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The music on here reflects their influences such as Metallica, Nevermore, Testament, Pantera and Ozzy Osbourne. Slap that all into one and you have what’s on The Grind. I actually call their music a little bit heavier than “heavy metal.” I would fit them into the power metal category, but it is what it is. This band does well in composition via execution on the guitar, vocals and drummer’s ends. We’ll just assume that they play just heavy metal but with intensity. The guitars are thick and riffs quite imperative to precision. I enjoyed the vocal outputs alongside the music. Every song is done with an impeccable execution. The leads as well. I’d say this band is going to do well. They need to be discovered, first!

I think that they had a bit of Skid Row rubbing off on them lyrically, especially on the title-track. But only in words, not in music. They stay pretty heavy and thick with those guitars. The whole encompassing integration of the album is quite lucid and catchy. The music is the best part of the album, the vocals a close second. They don’t really use much clean guitars it’s just heavy the whole way through. I admire that, they don’t want to sell themselves out in any way. Their forte is metal in the strictest sense. I think they achieved what they wanted which is a hardcore metal audience and extreme compositions. Their ability to be original is another strength for this album.

Everything on here is mixed with precision. They put in quite of an awesome production quality. This does the album justice. These musicians hold with them an extreme talent from every direction. They possess innovation, exceptional musicianship, flawless execution in every department and hold a long future to them. Their ability to make music strong with force and execute it makes their accomplishment every so just. They do it like it’s second nature. Sure their influences are there but really they stand alone in their category of extraordinary execution. I didn’t find a song on here that was not good, all of them all 37 minutes of music is exceptional.

These guys will do well once they’re better known. They already have a monumental execution here and need to be better received. I think that the record label needs to distribute more copies to writers to get the word out. I haven’t heard their previous release, but I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t amount to as good of a record than this one does. Impeccably done these guys are the definition of quality. I think that once worldwide distribution of this album will give them a better chance to be discovered. This quartet is going to make it big because that’s what they’ve accomplished here! Long live Alphastate in the greatest sense. Get their album, they’re on Spotify, too!

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