Review: Aschenvater “Landungsfeldmassaker” [Dead Center Productions]

Review: Aschenvater “Landungsfeldmassaker” [Dead Center Productions]

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The brand new band from Germany Aschenvater this year has released their first ever record – EP “Landungsfeldmassaker”; and this April Dead Center Productions has released it, also digitally. So, without further ado, these war-obsessed Germans have issued hardline and ultimately angry death metal album, firmly defining their own extreme metal vision into this severe half an hour.

For thirty years of existence death metal genre has overcome formidable series of changes – the mdm branch, brutal invasion and even alt. metal influence. Thousands of bands were able to find themselves in this rich extreme metal genre, and only few of them could change the scene. So these German deathsters have decided to walk down a familiar path, taking old school death metal as their own creative world. Aschenvater are inspired by the wargame Warhammer 40000, shaping their malevolent music with strategic precision.

For such an uncompromising genre as death metal, Aschenvater have managed to achieve an unique level of atmospheric evenness in their debut album, so the moody temper of “Landungsfeldmassaker” elevates up beyond the imagining. Aiming for Dutch death metal school (à la Gorefest), sometimes this music slows down, embellishing the tempo with doom/death patience (like “Im Feuersturm // Entfesselte Götter” or “Blut auf Schwarzem Sand // Im Todesrauch”). Basically “Landungsfeldmassaker” stays classically friendly to death metal rules – distorted guitars, juicy and catchy riffs, technical solos, aggressive low screaming, steady and fast rhythm section, the moderate mood changes and war-inspired lyrics. The tempo varies, not drastically, but rather gradually, emphasizing the overemotional moments or soothing the general mood; but overall it leans in mid/slow tempo. The instrumental tracks (“Der Beginn // Tag der Abrechnung” and “Massaker // Echos”) grant a brief respite from the violent blast of screams of their singer, but instrumental parts all the same pierce with war-like fury. Only the last track “Verräter // Visionen der Hölle” offers some melancholic smoothness, slightly swaying away the harsh brutality with pensive passages.

There’s no doubt that for a debut release Aschenvater feel themselves totally safe, without any insecurity or hesitant moves, this kind of vigor absolutely destroys all kind of doubts. Like in their favorite war games, it’s like a survival strategy – to conquer death metal scene without even giving it a second thought. So no magic or natural evolution here, just focused marching without obstacles.

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Release date: April 30, 2021

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