Review: Death Chamber “Experiments in Warfare” [Dead Center Productions]

Review: Death Chamber “Experiments in Warfare” [Dead Center Productions]

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German deathsters Death Chamber this year have released their first full-length album “Experiments in Warfare” after the series of singles; and after one month Dead Center Productions have re-released it digitally.

Death Chamber exists only for two years, but they don’t strike as a bunch of unprofessional newbies, on the contrary, it seems like death metal scene has belonged them for ages. From classical arrangements and old school spirit Death Chamber augmented their death metal to the ruthless path of aggression, but not altogether devoid of melodic lines. The sound isn’t perfect, so sometimes the brutal riffs create a whirlpool of messiness; as well the vocal lines at times sound too muted to enjoy their full force. But belligerence of this record is truly exceptional, like the goddess of war herself has blessed it with her hand.

The heavy distorted and low guitars noteworthy make the statement, infecting all the tracks in this arduous aggression; and the guitar chords fulfil the different functions – from repetitive passages to chaotic turmoil. Some positive vibes from death’n’roll can be heard on first “Spark to Extinction”, but mirthlessly, like a single touch of dark humor during the hostilities. The thrash metal compositional design leads through the most of the songs of this short album, and all the slowdowns of the tempo are performed through choruses (like in “The Cage”). The rich and ferocious growls of Pat Suchostawski are blended with occasional ear-piercing screams, and the last composition “Ashfall” even hints at some mdm influence. The enormous pace of hammering blast beats also dips “Experiments in Warfare” in bloody gust of violence. Yeah, no kidding, this kind of death metal shows absolutely no mercy.

“Experiments in Warfare” sounds primitive in its death metal conceptual approach, but the vital drive and furious mood truly makes up for this old school stagnation. Death and war are mixed together in a perfect combo here, the military scenes and the smell of death haunts this war metal record, sweeping everything out of its way.

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Release date: April 23, 2021

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