Review: Bergrizen “Der Unsterbliche Geist”

Review: Bergrizen “Der Unsterbliche Geist”

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Bergrizen Der Unsterbliche Geist
Purity Through Fire

I’m going to start in a most unusual way this time. I extend my best wishes and congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Bergrizen, married 22nd March 2018. Antichrist Magazine and I wish you a beautiful life together, filling it with cubs – so mote it be.

The internet is amazing, right? So many bands have come into my collection because of it. Gone are the mailing lists of 20 years ago, along with choosing an album based on the band name or album title alone. Now we get to listen and read until our hearts are satiated and our minds are made up. All of that and still music can slip by…

Solo project BERGRIZEN and their label Purity Through Fire released Der Unsterbliche Geist in November of 2017. I cannot believe I missed this band over the last 10 years. Thanks to Antichrist Magazine, I’ve got them into my music collection now and so, here we go…

A particularly sorrowful piano piece leads us without much hope, artistically speaking into Track Two – ‘’Der Unsterbliche Geist’’ (The Immortal Spirit) – the guitars pick up and show us the story from the first note – Thin, uneasy sounding, the very tone of the guitar is longing for more and sounding fantastic because of it… Chord progression is such that it creates a shimmering, longing bleakness which a fan like myself finds just, beautiful. Tempo is pretty steady and well set out which keeps the rises and crescendos effective.

Track 5 – ‘’Entsagen’’ – Again with those longing, sorrowful guitar riffs… those wolf like howls, which are clearly inaudible filled with expression, all help saturate the listening register with an unholy treble. Fucking excellent stuff. Surprisingly sparse drums on this particular track and they only really serve to glue me to what happens in ‘’Entsagen’’ next – and what happens is a stunning riff that must be put it in ‘I need to learn that now’ category. If you like your Black Metal bleak but proud – this is for you.

Track 6 – ‘’Tel’aran’rhiod’’ – This is a great closer for an album full of misanthropic hell. Bleak, plodding and only small spattering of light being smeared, nowhere near the end of any tunnel.

Overall I’m overjoyed with BERGRIZEN and I’m going to order my T-shirt ASAP.

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