Review: Supreme Carnage “Morbid Ways to Die”

Review: Supreme Carnage “Morbid Ways to Die”

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Supreme Carnage Morbid Ways to Die
Redefining Darkness Records | Raw Skull Records

Waving the banner of old school death metal, the German horde of Supreme Carnage strikes again with their third full-lenght called Morbid Ways to Die.

Bands like Dismember, Fleshcrawl and even Bolt Thrower have surely shown the path that this German old fashioned metallers are following. So, what should be expected from a band like this? The answer is easy: pure and lethal death metal.

Supreme Carnage has always managed to make really good albums, and this time is no different. Mostly mid-paced, the Swedish-influenced guitar attack, groovy and catchy riffs , melodic leads and simplistic guitar solos are the main elements that make Morbid Ways to Die really intense and enjoyable. Guttural and blunt vocals match perfectly with the heaviness of the tracks. While not being truly original and groundbreaking, what is not standard about this album is the overall quality. From the musicianship to the powerful production, everything was conceived remarkably well.

Just because death metallers  are used to so many bands using the same old formula, this 40 minute onslaught will may not cause much surprise in the first listen, but this excellent band is far from being average. So I recommend all of you to dig into the depths of this musical carnage, and it will surely hit you like a war hammer.

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