Review: BILL + PHIL “Songs Of Darkness And Despair”

Review: BILL + PHIL “Songs Of Darkness And Despair”

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BILL + PHIL “Songs Of Darkness And Despair”

This is quite the oddest musical couple of the year.

I know is fucking early to say this, but really try to top this shit; Bill Moseley AKA Choptop (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) and Otis (House of a 1000 Corpses and The Devils Reject’s) teamed up with none other than Phil Anselmo in order to create a southern occult heavy/rock EP under the title of Songs Of Darkness And Despair.

Now imagine Otis surviving the police shutout and the end of The Devils Reject’s (spoiler alert), kidnaps poor Phil, other members of Phil’s bands, some dudes from King Parrot and they record this EP under his gun point. That could be a good sequel, would it? xD

Back to realty, Songs of Darkness and Despair it is a fascinating gem listen. First of all, Bill Moseley can carry a damn tune, which is quite obvious in tracks like Dirty Eye and Tonight’s The Night We Die that are two of mine personal favorites of the EP.

The rest of the songs are also a worthy listen while some of them quite absurd like Catastrophic and Bad Donut which sounds like a soundtrack of inner monologue of a crazed southern guy who had it.

Especially Bad Donut, there’s quite of Otis in there.

This with no problem this could have been the next Down EP in style but this way we have a really interesting gem here worth checking out.  It’s nothing groundbreaking but this Frankenstein has all the right parts.

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