Review: Titaan “Kandigir”

Review: Titaan “Kandigir”

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1. Apsu
2. Nis Ilim Zakaruhj
3. Anur
4. Titaan
5. Itima
6. Sabitu
7. Sebet Babi
8. Magururnuabzu
9. Kingu
10. Kadingir
11. Utukagaba
12. Azag
13. Peta Babkama Laruba Anaku
14. Erset La Tari
15. Kuan
16. Nibiru

One-man blackened death metal band  Titaan delivered the album, that in my opinion, it has presented a true form of darkness in music.  Dark atmospheric music, raw growls and awesome clean vocals made this album very special.  Most of the album has this dark atmospheric music, that is like some introduction to many stories, that are present on it.

The symphonic music, gave it some evil flavour to the songs, it’s like when you listen to this songs, you can fell the taste of darkness to it, that will surely pull you into some very deep state of mind.

Tehnical compliance can be better, there are some mistakes, but it’s not so bad. Acoustic is great, production is solid, some of the songs could have a better production. The thing about all the songs is that every songs is almost the same, that is the negative side, the positive side of the songs that they have a story throught music. Atmospheric music is so great and sinister.

This album is in general raw black metal album mixed with death metal elements combined with dark symphonic and atmospheric music, it is quite strange, but it sounds good and all of this is a combination made in hell.

Titaan is surely one great metal musician with this masterpiace, he delivered some strong evil metal album. This album is something that you can not only listen to, to understand it, you must fell it. Come to the dark side with this album you won’t be disappointed.

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