Review: Blind Guardian “Live Beyond The Spheres”

Review: Blind Guardian “Live Beyond The Spheres”

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Blind Guardian  is not a band that release albums every two years by schedule: meticulous approach to the music, sound experiments and recording quality leads to four years pause between their albums in average. The last live album was released in far 2003. So these long pauses are making every record where there is a Blind Guardian logo very valuable.

And now, 14 years after ‘Live’ album was released, their new live album ‘Live Beyond The Spheres’  is out.

22 songs on three CDs covers the band’s whole creative path: from their first album ‘Battalions Of Fear’ till the last one, released in 2015 ‘Beyond The Red Mirror’. And of course it includes the songs that fans are singing alone from the beginning till the end: “The Bard’s Song”, “Valhalla”, “Mirror Mirror” and many others. It seems that Hansi does not have to sing them – just name the song, and then the crowd will make everything by itself.

The quantity of the songs allows not only to enjoy the biggest hits, played countless times and new songs, which interesting to listen in live version, but also follow after Blind Guardian creation: how the music changed with years, became more epic, and the style went from speed metal to progressive. So if you heard the name Blind Guardian, but didn’t knew from where to start the acquaintance with the band, you can easily start from this album.

However, live albums valuable not only by this. ‘Live Beyond The Spheres’, which was recorded during their tour in 2015-2016 transmits the magic of Blind Guardian‘s live shows perfectly well. A huge, non-human amount of energy, which musicians share with the crowd,  and the crowd  returns them a hundred times more with gratitude; the joy of those, who stands before the stage and sing their favorite songs, one hundred percent output from musicians – all of this can be felt very well during listening.

Of course, any live record can’t transmit the whole emotions specter, that you feel at the gig. But it can strive for it. And from this point ‘Live Beyond The Spheres’ makes everything possible (and even more) for the listener to make him feel at the live show, immersing him for two hours and a half into the magic world of Blind Guardian.

‘Live Beyond The Spheres’ will be released on July, 7 by Nuclear Blast Records.


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