Review: Cavalera Conspiracy “Psychosis”

Review: Cavalera Conspiracy “Psychosis”

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Max Cavalera, though he looks worse than I feel myself, is full of creative ambitions, ideas, and the main thing he puts all of this into practice. Two years ago was released Soulfly‘s album, and now he records fourth Cavalera Conspiracy album ‘Psychosis’ with his brother Iggor (some family issues are long behind).

Iggor tells about an album: “We always had a lot of really great ideas together and, of course, this chemistry. But I think it’s just one of those things where the timing was really aligned on what we wanted to show. And then, of course, having the help of a really good producer, which is our friend, Arthur Rizk, he kind of understood what we were trying to get with this record, which was something very extreme, but at the same time without forcing [it] — being natural, being as we always like to do stuff”

‘Psychosis’ is really heavy and solid. Using thrash, death and some black metal elements, brothers Cavalera have achieved an excellent result. Whole nine song are uncompromised, rigid and ferocious   sound, which will not leave apathetic the calmest and imperturbable fan.

An album opens with the song named “Insane”, which makes it quite clear what will expect for the listener: high-tempo compositions, iggor’s fast and ferocious drums, great Mark Rizzo’s solos and really solid guitar riffs with recognizable Max Cavalera’s vocals. Sometimes tempo is slowing down (“Hellfire”, “Excruciating”), but it doesn’t affect anything. I don’t want to emphasize some song separately, it’s an ungraceful job. They are all technical, furious and won’t leave you calm till the end of an album. What is worth “Judas Pariah” with its prohibitively fast tempo and Iggor’s brilliant work (Two minutes of non-stop blast beats? Here you go, sir!).

Also Arthur Rizk’s work should be mentioned. He played all the bass parties and engineered the sound. Every instrument can be listened great, even with extremely fast pace or oldshchool, markedly raw sound (mentioned “Hellfire”).

With all of this, ‘Psychosis’ has one big lack: it’s absolutely unmemorable. As I said, it’s very technical, solid, ferocious and raging, but when the last song ends, you can’t remember not the whole song – even one riff separately. You remember an album atmosphere, your emotions while listening, but not the music itself. For example, such brothers Cavalera’s tracks like “Refuse/Resist”, “Roots Bloody Roots” or “Ratamahatta” are still in memory of many people, but somehow it doesn’t happen with the songs from ‘Psychosis’. It feels like musicians put the emphasis on a speed, power and fury, but completely forgot about everything else. However, the time will tell.

‘Psychosis’ will be released on November, 17 by Napalm Records.



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