Review: SACRAL NIGHT “Darkness Process”

Review: SACRAL NIGHT “Darkness Process”

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SACRAL NIGHT “Darkness Process”
Infernö Records

Although I’ll start this review with a negative, I do really like this release.

My negative is that band haven’t really pinned down their sound yet, so everything sounds a bit jumbled… but with saying that, I think the mish-mash of sounds is a bit on the marvellous side.

One minute Sacral Night sound quite dark, like their choice of sound is Black Metal, but then the vocals veer into high-pitched Power/Thrash Metal territory. But then that reminds me a bit of King Diamond… and then next minute, I think it’s a bit operatic.

It is a strange little mix of styles, but I really think it’s a wonderful creation and I have a smile on my face every time I play this…

And it’s the bands first release, so it’s no big deal if they haven’t pinned down their definitive sound yet, although it may confuse one or two fence sitters.

For me, I want to hear more already as I find whatever you want to call this, strangely addictive. Also, five tracks isn’t enough (for me). Next time around though, they could probably do with a better recording budget as the drums rival St Anger in quality, but overall, I think this is a gem of a release.

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