Review: Chevalier “A Call To Arms”

Review: Chevalier “A Call To Arms”

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Chevalier “A Call To Arms” (Gates Of Hell Records)

It makes sense that Gates Of Hell Records are giving this a vinyl release, because it sounds like it belongs in my 80s Metal collection, all of which, was on vinyl… well, until I got my 1st cd player in 1988 (on my 21st birthday, which is why I remember it, I’m not that sad)

Finland’s Chevalier, love a bit of French Metal, hence the French band name as well, I presume (which translates as knight). Which in turn explains the medieval influences in their old school Metal… tight jeans, high pitched vocals, Speed Metal, clashing with NWOBHM. Somewhere between Mercyfate Fate jamming with some European Speed Metal band and maybe early Iron Maiden.

This was actually recorded in their rehearsal room, but the slightly raw take on Metal, actually enhances the aura and old school feel of the music.

There’s not a lot of finesse and the riffs and lead guitars rain down. But that’s what I like about this the most. It’s like the rhythm section are attacking the vocals and guitars, but they are just a step behind them… if that makes sense. The energy has been captured perfectly and this most certainly isn’t over-produced.

For what this is, simply a very good piece of Metal that takes me back to my youth, it’s just about perfect. Genuinely, I wouldn’t change a single thing.

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