Review: Expulser “The Unholy One”

Review: Expulser “The Unholy One”

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Expulser “The Unholy One” (Greyhaze Records)

I’m probably going to explain this really badly, but it makes sense in my head… but then again, there’s lots of crazy shit going on up there that I think makes a lot of sense. Anyway, I shall begin.

You draw a line in the sand. To the right, is Slayer, to the left (hand path) there’s some darkly shenanigans going on. Call it Satanic Blackened Death, or your own genre(s) of choice.

And that’s where I am with this 1992 re-issue from Brazil’s Expulser.

First off though, for 1992, this is very advanced. If I didn’t know any different, I’d have no problem saying that this was a new release. The dividing line for me, is the lack of melody, on a lot of this album.

I do prefer my Metal with melody… I even think Slayer are as catchy as hell. Which is why I chose them as one of the two choices here. And because now and then, I can relate the music of Expulser to Slayer.

So if you can imagine, sometimes this is quite catchy, but more often than not, the melody is enveloped in a cocoon and it’s fighting for its life. Like trying to run through a swimming pool of treacle, it’s hard going in places and for me, I do struggle with the more “dense” moments. For want of a better expression.

Now and then, this springs into life. There’s a time change in Screams of Delight, which is just so good, it rivals Sabbath’s “Snowblind” for the coolest time change ever. But for the most part, this criss-crosses that line in the sand. Sometimes it’s more melodic and at other times, it’s like Harry Houdini, fighting his way out of his straightjacket, whilst submerged in water.

But I do take into consideration that this was first released 26 years ago, and I’d presume that this was way ahead of the pack, “back in the day”. And as revisiting a part of Metal history, despite it being slightly off centre from my normal listening, it’s been a good experience.

So if this is your thing, it’s out on CD, vinyl and tape.

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