Review: Cognizance “The Foreboding Impasse”

Review: Cognizance “The Foreboding Impasse”

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Cognizance “The Foreboding Impasse”

Frankly, I was never big fan of writing reviews of stuffs containing only one song. Well, from technical point of view it doesn’t matter, but… There’s always some “but” and here it’s about describing music. I mean, this song can be not representative for what band plays – especially if you don’t know its other releases. I have no idea if this is like that in the case of COGNIZANCE, of course. Anyway, the word ‘melodic’ I found on several profiles of the band doesn’t match with this song, even if this word is connected with Death Metal.

‘The Foreboding Impasse’ is a single (second released this year) and it hopefully announces the album. Music is pure old-school Death Metal. We have here everything what we can expect when we hear mentioned above term. Riffs are fast, broken and brutal. Alex of course serves us some technical tricks, too. So adjective ‘technical’ used by musicians to describe their music is perfectly legitimate here. Drums – it seems and it’s mostly in fast tempo. I noticed a lot (almost whole the time) cymbals, some passages or slower displays as well. Henry growls quite typically for Death Metal – there’s brutality, but also something dark in that. When I hear him I have names of vocalists of some more well-known bands on my mind.

Actually I have on my mind some names when I hear whole music of guys from Leeds. But I’ll don’t tell any of them! You’ll have to check this out by yourself. And I can guarantee you that if you like classic Death Metal (with its a little more brutal, but also technical face) then you’ll like this band. Personally I’m waiting for some longer stuff – the best full-length.

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