Review: SECURE “Awake”

Review: SECURE “Awake”

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SECURE “Awake”

Moscow is huge city with something like 12, 3 million residents (in urban area there live more than 17 millions) and of course there’s place for every kind of music. Well, I have no idea how looks scene of music played by SECURE, but I’m sure that there’s a lot of fans and so on… Unfortunately, Emotional or how it calls in fact was never my cup of beer. Frankly, I was always steering clear of such acts. I mean bands of what is called Emo after 2000 and has practically nothing to do with primal Emotional – from time to time I like to listen to MINOR THREAT, FUGAZI and so on.

Here I can’t find any sign of Hardcore with which Emo of 80’s was strongly connected (it evolved from HC, actually). There’re some longer or shorter moments where we’re able to hear some powerful riffs and drums, but… Mostly this is “kempt” and looks for me like controlled rebellion. But this is only what I feel listening to creativity of these four Russians – probably because I grew up also on Punk, old-school HC or Grindcore. Anyhow, both Vladimir (guitar) and Vlad (drums) play variable and I even found some interesting displays, solutions here. Pavel sings mostly with a little harsh voice, from time to time I can feel emanating anger – but anger under control, if you know what I mean.

By the way, SECURE was born in 2012 under the name UNUSELESS. After releasing the single ‘Follow Your Dreams’ group, as they say, went on vacation for three years. Interesting fact connected with the band is that initiators of its creating were vocalists of other bands (as I suppose of different styles).

Well, as I said on the beginning of this review I never liked such playing. However, I can appreciate it and I know that there’re people who like this. And for them it should be something great, I guess.

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