Review: Dark Fortress “Spectres from the Old World” [Century Media Records]

Review: Dark Fortress “Spectres from the Old World” [Century Media Records]

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Six years until the new record of the Bavarian black metal beast Dark Fortress enters our dimension. “Venereal Dawn” from 2014 was a very experimental album. So, what can we expect from their current work?

A brilliant black metal record, thatєs for sure. Once again, the creativity knows no limits. “Spectres from the Old World” is much more brutal and aggressive than the previous one, but without loosing itself in infinite blasts and tremolo guitars riding the same riff repeatedly. The song writing process must have been blessed with a fountain of ideas. Overall, the songs are very riff based with a lot of focus on drums. The well thought out songs have a very interesting fresh focus on aggression.

Therefore the 12 songs have a very good flow. The order is perfectly balanced and one song merges wonderfully into the next one. The vocals are blackened as ever but here and there are nice clean parts too. Keys great a great atmosphere in the right moment.

If the last record was a bit too much for you, you will like “Spectres from the Old World”. In general I can’t think of a reason, why this album shouldn’t find its way into your black metal collection.

Release date: February 28th, 2020

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