Review: Finntroll “Vredesvävd” [Century Media Records]

Review: Finntroll “Vredesvävd” [Century Media Records]

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In the last few years there were a lot of folk metal bands whose careers has ended, or they had a complete style change. But there is one constant that delivers what the fans want. That constant is Finntroll. “Vredesvävd” is their seventh album and it took them seven years of creation. One of the major reasons of their consistence is that they are one of the oldest bands in the game. They also never lost the black metal element. Sure, the Hummpa folk music is a big part, but that’s what guaranteed the fun. Besides all that the troll gimmick works perfectly with their music. Just listen to their all-time classic “Trollhammeren” and you will understand. I think their key to success is the balance between darkness and joy.

“Vredesvävd” delivers exactly what you expect from a Finntroll record. It’s not just another folk metal album, it’s for some time just a good folk metal album. The melodies are wonderful. It’s groovy, it’s grim, it’s just fun.

Release date: September 18th, 2020

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