Review: Deathless Legacy “Dance With Devils”

Review: Deathless Legacy “Dance With Devils”

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A year ago Italians Deathless Legacy released their second horror-metal art ‘The Gathering’, and here comes their third longplay ‘Dance With Devils’. Well, we can only envy to such creativity with efficiency. But let’s talk about an album.

‘Dance With Devils’ includes 11 songs, dedicated to the witches and everything around them. According to the band «’Dance With Devils’ gives voice to the witches who over the centuries have been mistreated, humiliated, even burned. With its 11 tracks, the album collects the most horrific stories of black magic rituals, stories that are lost in the mists of time, a Sabbath of pure horror and black emotions, dealing with ignorance, superstition, religion». It seems that’s the reason why ‘Dance With Devils’ quite different in the mood from its predecessor. If ‘The Gathering’ was some kind of «horror circus», which was scaring, but also entertained an audience, in the third album there is a tragedy, which together with an ominous and frightening entourage makes quite a different impression.

By tradition the album opens by same named instrumental intro. Organ sound with choirs are creating atmosphere; playful keyboards are calming the listener like telling him that it’s not serious. “Join The Sabbath” turning dark and heavy intro into rhythmical drums with guitar riff, Alessio Lucatti’s keyboards are forcing the atmosphere. Steva La Cinghiala’s vocals are emotional, but with this it can be heard that she is not use all her potential, but playing with her voice for the sake of a genre. Next “Heresy” is more metal than horror. Vocals are still emotional, but now tragedy prevails on the desire to frighten.

“Witches Brew” starts from witches laugh. It’s a fast song with great rhythm-section and long interesting solo. In a chorus music turns to nearly sympho-metal, with which the band flirting in the next “Headless Horsemen”. Also there are dark and gloomy keyboards, heavy riff and emotions that going wild in chorus. Also there are interesting “Voivode” with “Curse Of The Waltz”, where violin added to instruments, turning one song to some heavy and fast waltz, and another to a pompous and bombastic music.

An album ends with “Creatures Of The Night” with major and even funny intro. Chorus is more fundamental, so the transfer from fun (more inherent to previous album) to a tragedy is quite sharp. At the same time, this is the best album ending, which shows that Deathless Legacy is a show, that should not be taken seriously for 100%. However it does not prevent to think about listened. Or just enjoy some good music.

‘Dance With Devils’ will be released on January, 27 by Scarlet Records.


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