Review: DEIPHAGO “I, The Devil” [Hells Headbangers]

Review: DEIPHAGO “I, The Devil” [Hells Headbangers]

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Costa Rica blasphemers here with the brand new (fifth) album! The band becomes more active from the 2000’s and I see they are used to recording new albums with a 3 or 4 years break, but great the fact they are still active! For those who do not know about DEIPHAGO – is an old as hell band, first ever (3 songs) demo was recorded back in 1991 but the band was inactive during the ’90s. Traditionally every Deiphago‘ album getting success among die-hard fans from the all over the world and I, The Devil does sound outstanding, again – typically for Deiphago. Intro + seven tracks of pure hellish and Satanic black/death metal. What is the difference from other black/death metal releases nowadays? Deiphago plays completely different way of music you may hear from modern so-called black/death “warriors”, first of all – Deiphago plays old-school way of music exclusively, next thing is a well-produced raw sound and last but not least – the music is truly twisted and chaotic. I, The Devil definitely not for those weak lovers of modern sounds but for die-hard fans of old-school stuff. Just listen to Deiphago‘s chaotic rhythms, everything is blasting and smashing, covered by pure Satanic atmosphere… Deiphago proves they are on top of truly dark music! To the fact, this album recorded with the new drummer – Erick Mejia (Corpse Garden, Culto Negro) who replaced Savnok, and I see he is a powerful drummer with eggs to destroy your ears!

Moreover, everybody in EU can visit Deiphago gig while their 30th Anniversary European Tour! Check the dates here:
17/05/2019 Steelfest, Finland
20/05/2019 Geneva, Switzerland
21/05/2019 Paris, France
24/05/2019 Mlada Boleslav
25/05/2019 Gliwice, Poland
29/05/2019 Berlin, Germany
30/05/2019 Hamburg, Germany
31/05/2019 Oberhausen, Germany
01/06/2019 Deinze, Belgium
05/06/2019 Lyon, France
06/06/2019 Firenze, Italy
07/06/2019 Parma, Italy
08/06/2019 Throne fest, Belgium

1. Intro: Decimation
2. Quantum Death
3. Neuro-Satanic Circuit
4. 11:4:6 04:30
5. Deus Alienus (God of the Other Side)
6. Chaos Protocols
7. Anti-Cosmic Trigger
8.I, the Devil

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