Review: Even Vast “Warped Existence” [The Goatmancer records]

Review: Even Vast “Warped Existence” [The Goatmancer records]

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21 years old band has recorded 4th album, sounds weird, really? Even Vast is Italy’s dark doom metal band existing since 1998, has been signed by (in the past) big label Black Lotus Records [r.i.p.] but something went wrong and the band falls into hiatus… The previous album Teach Me How to Bleed was released 12 years ago so I bet fans have enough of a time to forget about the band and Even Vast need a huge power and will to return lost fans and even conquer some new listeners because 12 years break for an underground band is like a disaster… I hadn’t a chance to listen to their previous album so I can’t say if there are some changes/evolution or even degradation over here… I can judge with this current album only and I see it’s a good album for fans of dark metal based on traditional doom, stoner and some sludge tunes. Ten songs with the doomy sound and some dark melancholic atmosphere. One more thing, in spite of this album is from the current year I have found that Warped Existence sounds like some old album from the ’90s or even ’80s and that’s a great sign, I’m assuming it was like an idea and as a result, it sounds good! Good album for everybody stoned, haha!

Album released on March 29th, 2019 by The Goatmancer records

1. Warped Existence
2. I Know
3. Imaginary Friend
4. I Wish
5. Somebody
6. How Long
7. Same Old Story
8. Inside Your Head
9. Upon Deaf Ears
10. Be There

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