Review: DREAMTALE “Seventhian… Memories Of Time

Review: DREAMTALE “Seventhian… Memories Of Time

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December 9th, 2016
Label: Independent

Dreamtale, symphonic power metal band, was fomed in Tempere, Finland, 1999. By now, they released 2 demos, 6 singles and 6 albums.

“Seventhian… Memories Of Time” is their 7th album, self produced. Again. Sound is good but if I compare it to previous albums, it didn’t change too much. But if you got the right formula, why to change it?

The first question that comes on my mind when we are talking about Dreamtale is: how is possible that this good band is not well known worldwide? They have great base of fans in Japan and China, but somehow Europe failed.

If I would analyze each song from this album, I think this would be a really long review. 20 songs, 2 CD’s. So, I will try to be as concisely as it is possible.

1st CD includes 12 new songs:

Disc I (Seventhian)
01. Dreality
02. For Our Future
03. October Is Mine
04. Picnic Inferno
05. Cabal Toyboy
06. True Life
07. Reality Reborn
08. Fusion Illusion
09. Names On The Wall
10. Greenback Hunter
11. Moral Messiah
12. Embrace My Scars

“Dreality” is very melodic, with great keys and guitar interweaving, magnificent Erkki Seppänen vocal which is Dreamtale best weapon. “For Our Future” brings us great melody again, catchy chorus, keyboard and guitar perfectly complemented.

Cheesy keyboard sound in “October Is Mine” is maybe too much for my taste, but again Erkki Seppänen vocals are killing everything which might be marked as imperfect. “Picnic Inferno” is something different, more heavy metal, from the beginning to an end. This might be one of the best songs from “Seventhian”.

For all those critics who ever wrote Dreamtale is (I quote) “Too fun” “Cabal Toyboy” is the perfect proof they are damn wrong. Lyrics contain really strong message hidden between the lines and points right to the core of terrorism.

“Your sick cabal… ritual bizarre
Drown in caviar… you can’t kill us all
You’ve gone too far…”

“True Life” returns us to Dreamtale comfort zone.

Album leads us from different intervals of rhythms and emotions, so we come to “Reality Reborn” which offers a bit different atmosphere.

Fusion Illusion” is obviously influenced by Stratovarius/Malmsteen sound.

“Names On The Wall” has really strong riffs, the whole song has nostalgic moments and brings me at least 15 years back to the period when I had no worries in my life.

“Greenback Hunter” has different rhythm at the beginning; the song is very melodic with ups and downs in tempo which makes it interesting one.

“Moral Messiah” is close to hard rock at the beginning, but band soon back on track and we have that recognizable sound Dreamtale had been working on in past 17 years.
“Embrace My Scars” stands out from everything Dreamtale offered us on Seventhian. Orchestral domination at the beginning is really good decision. Slower tempo and great choice to complete this album.

And if you thought this is the end, don’t leave! There is more.

On the second CD you will find some old songs from the first four albums, completely re-recorded.
Disc II (Memories of Time)
01. Refuge From Reality
02. Call Of The Wild
03. Angel’s Eyes
04. Two Hundred Men
05. My Only Wish
06. World’s Child
07. Take What The Heavens Create
08. Firebird

Dreamtale is unfairly underrated band, which will change starting with this album, I hope. That is my New Year which for Akseli Kaasalainen, Seppo Kolehmainen, Erkki Seppänen, Heikki Ahonen, Janne Juutinen and Rami Keränen.


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