Review: Dropdead “Dropdead” [Armageddon Label]

Review: Dropdead “Dropdead” [Armageddon Label]

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Continuing on a prolific career in hardcore scene, Dropdead bring everything to the table with their long awaited third full length album. Having only improved since the band’s inception in 1991, this self titled LP is certain to melt a face or two.

Keeping things tight with 23 songs packed into a 24 minute span, Dropdead manages to keep things interesting throughout the run time. Many bands may fall into the trappings of the hardcore genre, playing as loudly and quickly as possible, ending up with a twenty minute nosey gumble of a single song, Dropdead is not afraid to take a few small risks here and there. Tempos vary throughout the album, with some songs taking on a trudging, doomy sound, with sludged out guitars and solemn drumming. Even within songs, tempos can rise and fall with expertly timed precision.

These folks have not slowed down a bit since ’91. The band is firing on all cylinders throughout this entire release. They are angry and they are intent on letting everyone know, attacking the listener with the ferocity of a much younger band. Lyrically, Dropdead takes a hard stance against the United States government.  There is a lot to be angry about in the states right now, and no stone remains left unturned when it comes to expressing discontent, anger and frustration at a failing system.

Musically, the mix takes on a less is more approach that suits the band perfectly. The sound is dense with a lot of hard panning. It creates a very timeless feel to the album, where it could just as easily have been recorded this year as back in the early nineties. It doesn’t feel dated, yet not quite modern either. It sits comfortably outside of time, creating a very comforting neutral space where nothing exists but you and the pounding force of the album.

I call this one a definitive triumph for Dropdead. After such an illustrious career it becomes easy to rest on your laurels and take things easy, but this album proves that these folks have a lot more left in their tanks. It’s no small feat for a thirty year old band to keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what they’re going to do next. But here we are. Long live Dropdead, long live hardcore. Can’t wait to see what lies further down the road for these guys.

Release date: September 25th, 2020

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