‘3 from hell’ Review: Witchcraft / Aske, Unsilent, Walls Of Hate

‘3 from hell’ Review: Witchcraft / Aske, Unsilent, Walls Of Hate

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Witchcraft (Finland) / Aske (Finland) “Dead Christ Prayer” [Nuclear War Now! Productions] After a plethora of demos and splits, Finland’s Witchcraft returns to the fields of burning seraphim with their new output, “Dead Christ Prayer” in a joint effort with their compatriots, Aske.
Their Beheretian influence continues as a major staple in the compositions akin being heavier sound-wise and less off-beat in comparison to Beherit‘s sound in the “Messe Des Morts” EP era. I think that if had Marko Laiho continued in that vein, we may have had great results as heard here. As for Aske‘s side of the split, they are similar to me in the lo-fi Black Metal approach undertaken by Darkthrone. While I hear nothing groundbreaking, it cannot, and will not, be denied that both bands are carrying on a torch that is still burning because of their calling to Black Metal’s various early sounds. This is for the masses that savor their enemies’ demise with delight and this is their soundtrack.
Release date: July 13th, 2020

Unsilent “Obscure & Profane” [Australis records] I will start this by stating I know jack and shit about the Chilean Metal scene. Sure, there are bands I know of like Hades Archer (I have the “For the Diabolical Ages” LP and that’s it) but this is not the case here. While they have several releases, they appear to fall in the realm of power style Black Metal band and in hearing the recordings, emphasis has been given to the use of double kick drum pedal usage. It can be said that not being a fan of this kind of style I cannot rule favorably. I also feel comparisons to some Swedish and Norwegian Black Metal qualities are very present and alive found within their CD, “Obscure and Profane”.
Release date: June 26th, 2020

Walls of Hate “Walls of Hate”
Here’s a submission by Honduran project, Walls of Hate. It is unclear whether this is a one-man operation or there is more involvement by others. The four tracks featured are a myriad of styles that fluctuate between some well though guitar parts and there are catchy riffs and some well placed keyboards as in the case of the song named “Xerxes”. The next track entitled “Bestiary” is what one can call the highpoint of Wall of Hate‘s effort in this as it displays a more forward death metal approach. The only thing I would say should require consideration is the clean recordings can be a littler dirtier but, that’s a matter of opinion. All in all, there are good ideas here. Should Walls of Hate do follow-up work, it will be worth it to give a spin.
Release date: June 20th, 2020

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