Review: Dyrewolf “Dyrewolf”

Review: Dyrewolf “Dyrewolf”

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Dyrewolf are a young group of Canadian headbangers that just dropped their self titled debut record here at the tail end of 2018. In short, they bring a pretty basic platter of ‘80s heavy metal that follows an Iron Maiden type formula almost step by step, but dropping in hints at rock n roll as well. Quite frankly, the opening instrumental track sounds almost exactly like “Where Eagles Dare” but without lyrics.

With this in mind, it should be very obvious that the guitar playing techniques follow a steady rhythmic pattern with a lot of harmonics added on, especially with the bridges that lead up to solos. The distortions are a bit crunchier and the overall production is a little harder on the ears, but that helps it stand out, thus being a good thing.

The bottom half of this record is definitely the superior side, because this is where more originality sneaks in. “Silver Spoon” has more groove to it and pays homage to the ‘70s hard rockers, while the following track “Freedom Of Sin” manages to throw some of the strongest guitar complexions at us and delivers a wicked solo; I’d say there’s a little power metal fun to be had. Right when you think you’ve got it figured out, “Veto” comes in with a psychedelic lick, stripping away any aggression, despite the faster drum kicks to boost the energy a bit.

The main downfalls that lie within are the fact that the first half of the album shows basically no originality, and the vocals need some work. There’s a clear understanding of what Dyrewolf are trying to go for, but there’s also some clear struggle behind the pipes that wind up being shallower than the rest of the music. For what it’s worth, Dyrewolf is absolutely worth hearing in full and provides a worthwhile ride, with some neat stuff afoot on side B.

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Nichalas Edward

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