Review: End of Green ”Void Estate”

Review: End of Green ”Void Estate”

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End of Green ”Void Estate”
Napalm Records

1. Send in the Clowns
2. Dark Side of the Sun
3. The Door
4. Head Down
5. Crossroads
6. The Unseen
7. Dressed in Black Again
8. Mollodrome
9. Worn and Torn
10. City of Broken Thoughts
11. Like a Stranger
12. Leave This Town (Bonus Track)

German gothic rock/metal metallers End of Green released the new album on August 18th. I can say one word about this release, it’s fantastic. Their music is unique and special, this album present’s that uniqueness in the right way.

The dark lethargic atmosphere brings many emotions like pain, sadness, depression. The lyric part of the album is very well combined with the atmosphere, it gives the album its true charm.

While listening to the songs, I felt like I was on a cloud traveling to an unknown destination, the songs have that effect on the listener. This band had heavier music on previous releases, but this is something different, it has that relaxing gothic vibe to it, but there were songs with a slower tempo from previous releases as well. But the point is that they didn’t change their music style, it’s the same, but a little bit different.

The best song, in my opinion, is the most heavier song on the album called ”Darkside of the Sun”. I like the beginning of the song with that slower intro and then after that, there are some moments with heavy riffs and some deep vocals, it’s like some rage moment like you are being silent about something and then you explode, to show you inner darkness. The song is amazing, it has that heavy riffs with some great vocals, it presents the true meaning of darkness and pain.

Second best song on the album is ”Crossroads”, the lyrics of the song are powerful and interesting, it is about life and choices in the life bad and good, every path has its consequences and the rewards. Very good song with amazing lyrics, that is very deep with strong massage.

Technical compliance is perfect, every sound can be heard, very clear. Production made the songs so special, they sound better and the whole aspect of the songs is put in the first place. Acoustically the album is quite good.

End of Green has proven with this release, that their music will never die, it has a soul. Music for relaxing, deep thinking with a true gothic spirit.



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