Interview: Warhammer

Interview: Warhammer

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Hercules Giotis, guitarist and vocalist of Greek thrash metal band Warhammer talks about his band and also reveals details of festival which will be held in Serbia, in the city of Niš in December 2017.

Hi, Hercules! Nice to talk to you. First of all, tell us something about your band-Warhammer.

Warhammer are a metal band from Athens, Greece. The band started on 2012 as a thrash metal group formed by George Tsavdaridis and Hercules Giotis.

Why Warhammer?

The main idea behind the name Warhammer was to find a powerful name. A name which will define the resistance and we believe that Warhammer is the name that fits us a lot.

What are the highlights of your career so far?

As band, during these 6 years, we have done two tours in Europe and Balkans and also we have two full length albums. The second one will be released via Sliptrick Records on 2ed December 2017.

Is it early to talk about album promotion?

Yes, we are thinking of a tour or separately shows in different metal festivals.

What the future will bring to Warhammer?

We are working on some new ideas which will be part of our third album and also we are searching for metal festivals to promote our second album. Also, on 4th May, 2018 we will play on Sinfest in Malta and as I know we will play at the first Serbia Metal Meeting in December 20017.

Speaking of Serbia Metal Meeting, since you are organizer, can you tell us something more about the whole idea of making metal festival in Serbia?

HG: The idea of the festival started before some months. Me and my band had three live shows with the Polish black/death metal band HATE. We played only one show and the promoters of the show steal from us 350€. This behavior from these guys made me to change some things inside me and I said that from now I will organize something real good for me, for the bands and for the fans of metal.  The first plan was to organize this event in Greece but I thought: ”Wait a bit, here in Greece none respect you, they just want to steal your money FUCK them”, so the next option was Serbia.

Why Niš?

Everyone who knows me, knows very well that I am in love with this country and especially with the city of Niš. A big part of my band’s history belongs here. Niš was the first city that we played abroad, and personally I remember magic moments from this place, so I suppose that you understood the reasons… Anyway, I thought very well some things, I collect some money and also I understood very well the possibilities to lose money and I decide I will do it, and I did it.

Tell us something more about dates and venue.

The first Serbia Metal Meeting will take place in the city of Niš on 22nd and 23rd December at Black stage club.

How many bands will play at festival?

On the first edition of the festival will play 16 bands from all the Balkans: Serbia, Greece, Croatia and Bulgaria. These bands are: War Engine, Bitter Taste, Counterignition,  Grimaze, Warhammer, Krist, Sunlight, Twisted Tales,  Moloch, Contaminated Mind, Riverroth,  Bend Sanitarium, Kobold and H.C.Z. All these bands are great and very talented.

The most important, which are the goals of the festival?

The goal of the festival is dual. The first goal of the festival is to support and help underground bands from the Balkan territory and generally bands from everywhere. The second part of my goal says that we have to unite the Balkan area again and I really believe that I will do it with the help of these amazing bands that will play.

Where can we buy tickets and by which price?

One day ticket will be 400 RSD, two days ticket 700 RSD. They can be bought at Black Stage. Right now, there is no presale.

Thank you Hercules. I wish you successful festival and great album. Take care!

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