Review: ENDEZZMA “The Arcane Abyss”

Review: ENDEZZMA “The Arcane Abyss”

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ENDEZZMA “The Arcane Abyss”
Pulverised Records

01 – Intro
02 – Malferno
03 – The Arcane Abyss
04 – Gates Of Mephisto
05 – Morbus Divina
06 – Sick Kulta Lucifer
07 – Serpent Earth
08 – Esoterisk Mystagon
09 – A Grave So Deep

Norwegian black metal warriors Endezzma are going to release second Full-Length in March 31th. This album is in my opinion a perfect demonstration of power, having that old school black metal vibe, combined with some modern metal influences, makes this album interesting, and the black metal fans are going to love it.

With some crushing riffs, magical solos unusual for black metal, but still great, and unigue vocals, all of this present’s the true quality of the songs. It gave the songs a totally new meaning to the black metal, making it different, but great.

The song ”Morbus Divina” is a example where you can hear amazing solos, with a combination of pure evil black metal sound, not only that this song is sinister, it is even better with solos.

Best song in my opinion is the last one on the album ”A Grave So Deep”, it’s fast and brutal, has that insane old school black metal sound. Vocals in the song, are so raw, destructive, just amazing.

Tehnical part is very good, they presented the songs in a tehnical way, how they should sound. Acoustic can be better, but it’s not so bad, so it’s quite good, production is great.

Ocult lyrics with some brutal black metal music, is a paradise for black metal listeners, even for ones who are not the fans of this band. With this lyrics, the atmosphere on the album, has that true black metal essence.

Endezzma is a quite unigue band, with these release, they showed the true sound of black metal, with amazing atmosphere, that will keep you focused on the music. Awesome black metal release, that will punch in the face, with some badass metal music.

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