Review: Heavy Tiger “Glitter”

Review: Heavy Tiger “Glitter”

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Heavy Tiger “Glitter”
Wild Kingdom

I weigh about 15 stone (210lbs / 96kgs) and I’m a bit of a hairy beast… not the sort of Metalhead you’d expect to be covering a Rock / Pop album…. But we all have a few guilty pleasures in life, and this is one of mine.

This Swedish trio knock out some very sublime Pop, all of which has a Hard Rock edge. Opening number, the impossibly catchy, I Go For The Cheap Ones, sounds like Pat Benatar fronting Joan Jett’s Blackhearts… but with the lush multi-vocal style of The Bangles. And if that’s your bag, then you’ll really like this album.

I will admit that eleven very nice songs is a bit much for me to handle in one go. By the end of the album I do wish there were a few more rockers to break up the saccharine. But let’s be honest here, this album wasn’t aimed at someone like me.

The reality is that I’ll probably cherry pick about 4 songs from the album and I’ll add them to a Spotify list or two. With the opening number and No Tears In Tokyo being the obvious choices, mainly as they’ve stuck in my head the most and I have woken up in the middle of the night with both songs going through my head over the past few weeks.

Back in the eighties, this album would have been the perfect summer soundtrack. As I grow old disgracefully, I can still appreciate what the band are doing and it’s been a fun listen that has taken me back to that era.

So here’s to innocent pop songs, copious amounts of alcohol and a carefree spring and summer.

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