Review: Endorphins Lost / Osk split 7″

Review: Endorphins Lost / Osk split 7″

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Endorphins Lost / Osk split 7″

There’s no messing about with this release – 2 bands, 7 songs and it’s all over in under 8 minutes.

The Endorphins Lost side consists of 4 new tracks, although they were recorded almost a year ago. They dish up in your face Hardcore fused Metal… stacked high with testosterone and a pissed off attitude that occasionally drifts into Grind… with the finale of Prisoners Dilemma being one hell of an ass ripper, even though it only clocks in at just over 90 seconds.

The OSK tracks were recorded back in 2013, and I’m not sure if this is their first outing.

And they continue on where Endorphins Lost left off. Bruising, menacing… a mix of Hardcore and Grind, a small amount of Punk… I do have a bit of previous with OSK as I’ve played them on a radio show before… but they don’t seem to have a presence online… so Canadian and they play short songs is about your lot on the information front.

Their songs are slightly more structured than EL’s and a bit more catchy, specially the 65 second blastfest of Let’s Play A House Show, which at least begins in a melodic fashion.

In the true spirit of the underground, this is a co-release with 5 different labels… so check out Rotten To The Core Records, Delusions Of Terror Records, Agromosh Records, You All Die Records, and New Age Pyrate Punks Records, if you want a copy.

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