Review: BULLET PROOF “Forsaken One”

Review: BULLET PROOF “Forsaken One”

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BULLET PROOF “Forsaken One”

Half of musicians from this band are from Italy. But there are brothers Lukas and Richard Hupka play here who are from Slovakia and it seems formed the band. So to cut long story short, we could follow what I read on E. M. – that we have with international band to do here. Well, maybe on the very first beginnings it was like that, but as I know that all members live in the same place now. Anyway, I don’t know when the idea of BULLET PROOF was born, but it materialized in 2014 and the first visible, debut full-length ‘De-Generation’, was released in 2015. And now after something like two years came second album.

Well, you don’t need to be a genius or even read what bands guys mention as their inspirations. This is extremely well heard in every note of BULLET PROOF’s creativity! There’re mentioned for example two bands from California on M on this list. And frankly I connote what I hear here mostly with this one who was created by Dave M. after he left this first one. I know, I know,it sounds complicated, to don’t say crazy, what I told (wrote), but EVERY Metalhead knows these bands and I don’t think so ANY of you had a problem to guess names I meant – even if both bands (especially this primary Dave’s one) don’t play Metal anymore.

Guys play Thrash Metal of course in old-school Bay Area style. There’re some influences of German school, but they’re rather subtle. Riffs maybe aren’t as sharp as razor, but surely aggressive and ballsy! There’s also some melody in that and technical displays and slower parts, but the power emanate from them as well. Anyways, one of brothers Hupka – Richard, together with Max Pinkle, is responsible for that. He sings, too. And he does it well, frankly speaking. There’s also quite huge element of melody in that, but he doesn’t forget about power and aggression. This is Bay Area way of Thrash vocalizations, by the way. Lukas (second of brothers Hupka) is drumming here. He beats energetically and vigorously. There’re changes of tempo, passages and stuff like that, of course. We’re also able to clearly hear bass from time to time.

Everyone who loves old-school Thrash Metal in Bay Area style should grab this stuff (and also debut album, I guess). This is good band with perspectives in my opinion. Of course someone can say that this is nothing new, just good played Thrash Metal. Well, yes, this is nothing new, edge-cutting and so on. But key words here’re “good played”. Besides, these guys have musical imagination and create interesting songs.

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