Review: Evildead “United $tate$ Of Anarchy” [Steamhammer/SPV]

Review: Evildead “United $tate$ Of Anarchy” [Steamhammer/SPV]

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The history of Evildead is quite similar to the history of Possessed, except the tragic incident, of course: Evildead was also formed in the middle of 80s, released the debut album Annihilation Of Civilization, which considered by many fans as American Thrash Metal classics, then another one and in the beginning of 90s the band split-up. There were two attempts to reunite and the second one resulted in the first album in 29 years, called United $tate$ Of Anarchy.

Talking about reunion: in 2016 Evildead got back to action with almost original line-up: Juan Garcia (guitar), Albert Gonzalez (guitar), Rob Alaniz (drums), Phil Flores (vocals) and Karlos Medina (bass). After that Evildead performed on various festivals and in 2019 they went to the studio to record their new, third longplay.

It seems like this album continues from the place where The Underworld ended. It reflected in almost everything, starting from the cover by Ed Repka with (probably) the band’s mascot and lyrics about politics, corruption and global warming that full of rage, ending with United $tate$ Of Anarchy‘s dry sound.

Musically this is an old school Thrash Metal, where some elements of Hardcore and Punk can be heard as well, which is actually was expected from Evildead. The opening song, “The Descending” lets the listener know what to expect further clearly and he can decide already on the first track if this album worth his time. This is a song with aggressive riffs and potent drums that increase the tempo in the beginning while Phil Flores doesn’t sing but chants the words. The same thing happens also in “Napoleon Complex” with acrimonious lyrics and heavy “Green House”.

“Without A Cause” and “Blasphemy Divine” remind Slayer with their aggression and technical solos. “A.O.P./War Dance” starts slowly and ominously and further turns into Thrash with rigid Hardcore vocal line. And the ending “Seed Of Doubt” delivers another portion of anger, speed and aggression with double pedal and Thrashy riffs, causing an involuntary headbanging one last time.

The only place where the album considerably reduces the tempo and heaviness is “No Difference” intro, where musicians suddenly start to play Jazz. However, this passage also changes quite quickly with staccato ruffs and Rob Alaniz’ drums. In some solos from Albert and Phil some Jazz passages and harmonies can be heard as well.

United $tate$ Of Anarchy isn’t long, something about 35 minutes, but it is enough for it. The thing is that the album sounds undoubtedly aggressively, angrily and heavy but it almost hasn’t some catchy or memorable moments. Therefore, the situation with the album is quite strange: everything is ok when the music plays but five minutes after the album ends you can’t remember any song. No doubts, it will be stupid to compare United $tate$ Of Anarchy with Annihilation Of Civilization but the fact is: aggression and rage, which burst when the music played, volatilize immediately when it stops. Nevertheless, it can be just my issue, nothing more.

But even despite the previous paragraph, I still can’t say this album is weak or boring. This is the American old school Thrash Metal, reproduced masterfully by people who stood at the origins of the genre. And one more thing: the fact that the band gets back to stage after many years with almost original line-up and records a new material is valuable per se. But actually, when I see what happens in many countries right now, I’m not surprised that Evildead have something to say to the world once again.

United $tate$ Of Anarchy will be released on October, 30 via Steamhammer/SPV.

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