Review: EXCUSE “Goddess Injustice”

Review: EXCUSE “Goddess Injustice”

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EXCUSE “Goddess Injustice”
Shadow Kingdom records / Hells Headbangers records

Here we have living proof that there’re bands which play something else, than more or less successful Black Metal in Finland. EXCUSE was formed in capital of this country in 2009. Helsinki or Helsingfors (both names are used also by residents of the city) is not only capital, but also the most populous city in Finland where almost 630.000 people living. So that’s not  surprise that the city has strong Metal scene. It’s not only about bands (that’s clear in country where the most Metal bands per capita is) but also bars, shops or restaurants dedicated to headbangers.

Until now EXCUSE recorded and released “Demo” and CD “Path of Extinction” – both in 2013 and after three years (at least when we count calendar years) mentioned above with titled EP. Music, which these four young Finnish present to us, is old good Thrash with delicate touch of Death Metal (of course also old-school one). And I can hear that they absolutely don’t care about looking something new in Thrash Metal, they just play like they’d were reared in 80’s or at least in early 90’s! In fact they were born in 1994 – well, when it’s about drummer Tatu Lybeck it’s not clear, but he looks even younger than other members of the band.

During these four songs I feel like in some magic way I’d be again in years when I was so called “new-comer” on Metal scene, when I listened with agape (from enchantment) to all these bands which now are threaten as legends and gods of not only Thrash Metal, and also Metal in general. Riffs are mostly sharp, but there’s also place for some slower parts and so on. But in general Oskar (Lindström) and Anselmo (Ahopalo – who in fact takes lead guitar) run aggressively as it should be in such kind of Metal. Drums maybe aren’t unduly various, but beat in very pleasant for every fan if mentioned above sub-genre of Metal way. We can also hear a lot of cymbals here. The same (that it’s not too various) we can say about bass work, but it doesn’t mean that Atte (Aaltonen) did his job not so well! In my opinion it’s just like it should be. What’s about Oskar’s vocals, it’s in vein of old school Thrash/Death one. And in “Godless Injustice” some parts, (even if they’re short ones) reminds me “Necrolust” what’s probably question of pure coincidence. Even in Poland not so many such young people heard this demo, so…

Well, it’s good stuff to say it shortly. I’m not saying that “Godless Injustice” will come into history of Thrash Metal or Metal in general, but it’ll surely not be ephemeral stuff (and EXCUSE is a band) about which nobody will remember after few months from releasing. Thrashers should grab this as well!!!!

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