Review: Bahrrecht “L’Aube Glacée”

Review: Bahrrecht “L’Aube Glacée”

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Bahrrecht “L’Aube Glacée”
Ketzer records

Here we have another band that don’t give a shit for promotion. The fact is that in file with this album there’s enclosed so called “biography”. But I got know only that ”L‘Aube Glacée” is the second album of BAHRRECHT from that; the first one, “Nuit de Neige”,  was released in 2011. It also evaluates from it that mentioned above from the name project comes from eastern France. But since France is rather huge country term “eastern France” says nothing indeed. But when Feanor created BAHRRECHT we’ll never get know from it.

I suppose that it’s him who created the band. From pics which I found in folder with ”L‘Aube Glacée”I know that there also play three other guys except him in BAHRRECHT – for some true-blue maniacs they’re surely posers because they don’t have any make-ups, cassocks, swarm of studs, etc. They look like Metalheads should look like and used always to do it.! But who plays what – is a mystery.

Music for ”L‘Aube Glacée” he composed in  2012. I have unfortunately no idea if it was released in 2012, 2013 or from some reasons it waited long: four or almost five years for release. Anyway, album contains nine songs with French lyrics. Musically it’s surely Black Metal inspired by 90’s bands as it’s written in “biography” (in my opinion it’s more like not so well written review – maybe quite informative, but too short and broad) – of course Black Metal bands, not Metal in general.

We have here a lot of melody based on guitar, of course. As I read these melodic ones was inspired by landscapes of eastern France. Well, somebody malicious would say that we can hear only melodic riffs here, so Feanor hasn’t too broad influences. But even if all riffs are more or less melodic it’s always this “more or less”. I mean, some of them are more powerful. The truth is that I can hardly (but it’s not mission impossible) find some similarities in them to DISSECTION mentioned in “biography”. But some touch of RAGNAROK or TAAKE I can find here also. Drums are quite various and I hear cymbals almost the whole time, which is always makes music more complex in my opinion. Vocal is rather typical one for Black Metal. It’s not so very screechy, but still fit in cannons of mentioned above sub-genre of Metal. Sometimes we can also hear something what can be called by recitation, but it’s also in Black manner – at least sometimes.

YEAAAAH!!! It’s surely not bad album. And even if there’s nothing new or original in that, I’m listening to ”L‘Aube Glacée” with pleasure. There’s maybe not some huge bulk of mystery in this music, but surely some kind of nostalgia is in that.

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