Review: Exhume to Consume “Let the Slaughter Begin”

Review: Exhume to Consume “Let the Slaughter Begin”

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Exhume to Consume “Let the Slaughter Begin”
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Named after the classic Carcass track and just as brutal when it comes to both their music and subject matter, Italys Exhume To Consume release their debut EP Let The Slaughter Begin and blend the technical riffage of Carcass with an even more savage form of slamming death metal. After a spoken word intro of a cannibal cataloging his sinister deeds, Exhume To Consumes vicious metal spews forth into opening cut, the wickedly titled Bon Appetite and the band unleash a torrent of downtuned riffs, tortured rhythms and bloodcurdling vocals. The relative slowness of this opening salvo takes you by surprise initially but only adds to the suspense of the track and its heaviness is unbowed although it gains some speed later on in the track with the addition of some energetic leads but retains its attention to its brutality.

The closing sample that simply states “You’re a ghoul, you eat people” finishes the track off with a touch of macabre humor.

After this opening taster, the bands music stays just as savage and the middle two tracks Violated After Death (a piledriving slice of death metal) and Happy Milf (a whirlwind of a track complete with some truly dizzying riffs and deranged vocals) keep the EPs momentum going, showcasing the bands talents as musicians as well as their talents for aural brutality.

Let The Slaughter Begins, closing track Hole You Can Eat sees Exhume To Consume add some surprising elements into their metal assault that work well, such as the addition of some almost prog rock segments that create atmosphere and add as a nice counter action to the death metal ferocity with those riffs and vocals (it’s not long til that ferocity rears its head to be honest though!)

At only twelve minutes long , this is a short sharp shock piece of murderous death metal and serves as a great starting point into the world of Exhume To Consume and if their debut album is half as good as this, it will be a truly murderous thing indeed.

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