Review: FUNERAL NATION “Molted From Sin”

Review: FUNERAL NATION “Molted From Sin”

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FUNERAL NATION “Molted From Sin”
Vic records

Funeral Nation formed in 1989 in Chicago in the US… and the line-up has been pretty steady since the early 90s… although there was a huge 15 year period of inactivity in that time…

This is a compilation of three different releases, beginning with their debut demo, from 1989.

The first thing you notice is that their sound hasn’t changed a hell of a lot, bar the drum sound… more on that later… so they began as a Thrash band with Satanic/anti-religious leanings, and that’s pretty much where they have stayed.

Their 1989 debut demo, State Of Insanity, has stood the test of time very well. Bar a bit more volume, I don’t have any complaints at all. And it actually sounds better than 1992’s The Benediction.

As you’d expect, the biggest leap in sound is for 2017’s self titled EP…

The vocals are pretty much the same… the music has become a bit more intricate and the drums are  way above what they were. The playing is more frantic and although the sound still has that raw/underground feel to it, the advancements that have been made, are very obvious.

Kind of like Anvil, for want of a better comparison, Funeral Nation are lifers. I don’t think their 15 minutes in the spotlight will ever arrive. But that hasn’t stopped them from releasing music of a very decent standard for coming up to 30 years.

And finding rarities like this, is why I still love this scene

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