Review: Gore Dimension “Ethereal Realm” [Coyote Records]

Review: Gore Dimension “Ethereal Realm” [Coyote Records]

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This spring Russian extreme metal label Coyote Records has released the debut album “Ethereal Realm” of Turkish death metal band Gore Dimension, successfully combining classical brutal death metal traits with more sophisticated technical elements.

The music of Gore Dimension is so typically familiar with death metal clichés, but at the same time so defiantly unique with all these atmospheric disharmonies and frequent mood changes. And no wonder, that the first album of these Turkish deathsters sounds so mature and one-of-a-kind, ‘cause all the musicians are truly experienced, and have gained their confidence and mastery in such bands as Decaying Purity or Makkatopsy. Brutal death metal isn’t the most original genre, so to make something truly ingenious, you need to think non-traditionally within the realm of traditional, enhancing your creativity. And although, Gore Dimension has never left this realm of classical brutal death metal, their music swarms with unpredictable moves.

Generally, the songs begin in a very conventional way, without further preamble they blast this heavy and distorted death metal with determined brutality, and after some laid-back evenness of death metal, the songs become more multi-layered. The chaotic disarray breaks this casualness, so the music drowns in disharmonic abyss. The most chaotic perception emanates from “Roots of Unmerciful”, it seems like this track consists of the different layers, not properly connected. But mainly this chaotic messiness is under control, changing rather aura of the song, not the structure. The increased atmospheric anxiety of “I savor like Entrails of Mad Children” echoes the dreamy and melodic passages from “Drawned and Suffocated” and “Agateophobia”. A bit of their Eastern origins offers “Devouring the Gods”, but rather in a muted way.

But of course, all those side effects aren’t ruining solid and non-compromising heaviness of death metal. All these extremely low growls, juicy guitar riffs, speedy blast beats and grindcore bizarreness are the base of this album, and even during more strange and atmospheric passages, the alteration between pure death metal loyalty and chaotic and noisy discords can’t destroy the common spirit of fatal death metal. So without all these philosophical inclinations and refined mood changes, “Ethereal Realm” is still very confident release with an iron will and balls of steel. And it’s a rare phenomenon, not to spoil the simplicity of death metal, embellishing it in such a subtle and intelligent manner.

The extraordinary colors of the artwork once again emphasize the unorthodox spirit of this almost experimental brutal death metal record, and the very nature of solitude chills you to the bone (the artwork belongs to famous Polish dystopian surrealist Zdzisław Beksiński). So, Gore Dimension were able to find their own unique style even with their first record; and “Ethereal Realm” simultaneously blasts with energetic wave of brutality and abstract discordant tumult.

Release date: April 10th, 2021

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