Review: Snake Bite Whisky “Black Candy” [Sliptrick records]

Review: Snake Bite Whisky “Black Candy” [Sliptrick records]

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After three years of silence Australian sleaze rock band Snake Bite Whisky has released their second full-length album “Black Candy” through Sliptrick Records, continuing to develop their joyous southern hard rock hymns without restrictions.

The glory days of sleaze rock are long gone, and together with them has disappeared all the glam brilliancy, but definitely not for this riotous band from Brisbane. They’ve adopted lifestyle of 1980s in their band, never caring about what others may think of their old school devotion. This attitude really has strong I-don’t-give-a-damn roots, reminding of stubborn musical policy of punks. They are dirty, they are loud, they are old school… and they have fun. Their music absolutely lacks tension or psychologic discomfort, “Black Candy” just relaxingly entertains without deep subconscious reflections or tragic and complicated nervousness.

Snake Bite Whisky aren’t crazy for experiments or overcomplicated structural patterns, their songs are simple and catchy, focusing more on emotional impact. All the dirtiness of the release is influenced by punk rock, making this album rawer and musically more primitive. But these punk elements also lack aggression; the common mood of the album is really positive, even jolly, especially on the tracks “Bones in the Fire” and “Sweet Cocaine”. Of course, sometimes the songs heat up a little bit, but even then the aggression doesn’t spoil this optimistic perception (like the dancy aggressive passage of “Hammered”). Southern motives absentmindedly allude to classical American hard rock (especially “Creep Show”). Rock ’n’ roll foundation competes with hard rock/heavy metal, and with punky indifference and glam rock peacockery “Black Candy” vigorously drives all the boredom away. And obviously everyone in this band enjoy their roles – Dan Weldon pounds with a restless pace, Stacii Blake once in a while outshouts all the other instruments with his distinctive bass lines, Laggy leads up with catchy riffs and skillful guitar solos, and Jay R with his husky low voice unites all this messy craziness together.

“Black Candy” isn’t some half-assed record, despite the rawness of the sound and lack of originality; it is mature and soundly elaborated, so these 30+ minutes don’t transform into ten separate pieces. And with sexualized aura, symbolism of death and bright colors of the cover art, the music itself indulges into all these glam/sleaze rock platitudes.

Release date: March 30th, 2021

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