Review: GRAVE DIGGER “Healed By Metal”

Review: GRAVE DIGGER “Healed By Metal”

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GRAVE DIGGER “Healed By Metal”
Napalm Records

Grave Digger is one of the kind. No matter if you are fan or not, you could always recognize unique Chris Boltendahl voice. As soon as you hear it, you know what can you expect. Grave Digger never changed their formula, they never risked, and that is the key of their 36 years of existance in metal.

Album contains 10 songs:

  1. Healed by Metal
  2. When Night Falls
  3. Lawbreaker
  4. Free Forever
  5. Call for War
  6. Ten Commandments of Metal
  7. The Hangman’s Eye
  8. Kill Ritual
  9. Hallelujah
  10. Laughing With the Dead

Title track “Healed By Metal” is followed by video. Song is little bit slower, more rock than metal style with repetitive chorus: “Helaed by metal-we rock”. And if after 16 repetitions (if I count well) you are not healed by metal, than something is really wrong with you.

Behind album title has to be a great story and Chris has it:

“Two years ago, we played a big open-air festival in Moscow. There was a hospital beside the festival. There were people inside who had to listen to metal all day. I said while I was with our sound engineer, ‘Oh, the poor people. They have to listen to GRAVE DIGGER all day.’ He said, ‘Look at me. Yes, all the people are healed by metal.'”

(source: Spark TV).

Two more slower songs are “Free Forever” and “Call for War”. Melodies are really fine, but in the shade of Chris phenomenal interpretation.

In case you are searching for classic, traditional metal song on this album, than this is “Lawbreaker” and“Hallelujah”.

If you ever thought Chris can sing only raw, than just listen to “When Night Falls” and “Call for War”. Chorus in “Call for War” is one of those you instantly remember and one that makes you imagine yourself in the first raw at some festival:

“We all call for war,
No fear of Life and Death,
We all call for war,
Fight till your last breath,
We call for war”.

“Ten Commandments of Metal” includes imperious lyrics “Keep the faith, stay true”.

“The Hangman’s Eye” is another  killing one with amazing riffs and solo. Pure classic.

“Kill Ritual” is one of those songs that have killing riffs that will raise you from dead. Melody is just fantastic and this is simply my favorite song.

“Ten Commandments of Metal” includes imperious lyrics “Keep the faith, stay true”.

“Laughing With the Dead” with enchanting lyrics is perfectly closing “Healed By Metal”.

I have only one “problem” with this album: all songs are potential anthems and all are too good!

This is true metal!

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