Review: Liquid Steel “Midnight Chaser”

Review: Liquid Steel “Midnight Chaser”

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Liquid Steel “Midnight Chaser”
Studio Hundert Records

September 3, 2016

Liquid Steel is Austrian heavy metal band, formed in Innsbruck, 2009. In 2012, band released demo “Scream” which contains three songs: “Scream in the Night”, “Echoes of War” and “When the Rain Falls”. 2014 brought first full-lenght album “Fire in the Sky” (Scream Records). Split “Austrian Heavy Metal Alliance” released in 2015 (The Doc’s Dungeons) included two Liquid Steel songs: “Liquid Steel” and “Fire in the Sky”. September 3ed, 2016 is official release date of 2ed full-lenght album “Midnight Chaser” (Studio Hundert Records). They supported bands such Diamond Head, Blaze Bayley, Skull Fist, Raven, Powerwolf and U.D.O.

“Midnight Chaser” brings 9 songs:

01 – Kingdom of Silence
02 – Midnight Chaser
03 – Air Aces
04 – Hiroshima
05 – Starrider
06 – Fright Night
07 – Nightchild
08 – Autmn Leaves
09 – Kubla Khan

The first song I have heard was “Midnight Chaser”, and it instantly turned my attention. The sound, the way Fabio sings, it all turned me back to eighties. Singing style desperatelly reminds me of early Tobias Sammet work, too. Accoustic intro leads to gallpoing riffing. There is no way to stand still listening this song, you just have to make some movement.

“Kingdom of Silence” is fast tempo song, great riffs and melody.

“Air Aces” bring us back in 1914, Great War.

“Hiroshima” is the song with strong lyrics, emotionally sung, it wakes your conscience, makes you think. Air red sirens always chills my bones as a victim of war. Crying guitar and spoken words brings some other, heavier dimension to this story.

“Starrider” another NWOBHM classic.

The opening riff of “Fright Night” has AC/DC moments, but guys know how to upgrade it and give another dimension. Same is with “Nightchild” (in my head “Children of the Night”) which has amazig riff that reminds me of KISSI Was Made For Lovin You”. This is one of my favorites, but somehow I have feeling Fabio sung it too weak, like he was damn tired in studio. I am 100% sure he could sing it better, read more powerfull, more energetic.

“Autmn Leaves” brings great guitar work, again emotionally sung. Great ballad.

“Kubla Khan” the last song from this album is inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem. For all of you who never red Samuel Taylor Coleridge, he is the best known as a writer of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”.

When you see band pics and video for “Riding High” from previous album, the first impression is: crazy foolish kids. But those kids know their job. They know to write lyrics, they know to compose, they have great song structure, they have sense for harmony, melody, they know how to act and react on stage.

Overall: NWOBHM influenced band with a touch of power/speed metal, skilled songwriters, harmonizing guitars, powerful riffs, great melodies, clear production.

When I asked the band to send me promo material, I was surprised when I red their message:

“Thank you very, very much for your interest in our little band”.

Those are the words of great people! And they are:

Fabio “Steele” Carta-vocals
Ferdinand “Fred Shred” Berktold-guitars
Julius “Jazzer” Herrnegger-guitars
Dominik “Monte” Lechner-bass
Martin “Huricane” Eberharter-drums

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