Review: GRID “Human Collapse Syndrome”

Review: GRID “Human Collapse Syndrome”

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GRID “Human Collapse Syndrome”
Discouraged Records

In Sweden there was always strong and diverse scene. Of course in early 90’s it was Death Metal which dominated, then Black. But let’s be honest, this domination was in consciousness of fans first of all.  That fact that some sub-genre of Metal was more popular didn’t mean that there weren’t Metalheads who played these less popular sub-genres!  This popularity was also in huge way generated by these bigger, and let’s call them, official labels or magazines. Grindcore was, is and I think always will be (because of its nature) burred in underground. This genre just has less number of listeners than any sub-genre of Metal. I think it’s not because of music, but probably more about political character which mostly it has – in Grindcore, just like Punk or HC, lyrics was always the same or even more important than music.

By the way, GRID comes from the biggest city in north Sweden. In Umeå live a little less than 121.000 people including 30.000 students. It means that we have to do here with very important in scale of whole country very important center of education – as well as technical and medical research. Anyhow, in 2014 three buddies Fredrik, Andreas and Wilke decided to create a band. Firstly their goal was to play fast and have fun and to annoy political correct elite with songs such “Ni super för lite” (“You guzzle too little”). But it didn’t took long until the band, as it’s written in biography, started making more serious songs.  Effect was releasing by DISCOURAGED REC. on 7 inch vinyl EP ‘Umeå Grindcore’ in 2016.

Now guys present a new one, even if this time it’s released on CD. ‘Human Collapse Syndrome’ contains eight short songs. Everything seemingly looks on chaotic and rather mindless beating. But if you’ll listen to it at least a little concentrated then you’ll notice that this first impression was very wrong!  We have here quite a lot of technique and the fact that we’re not able to hear any solos or thin whistles change nothing here. Riffs are very short of course, but they change often and are technically advanced. Drumming is also variable. Changes of tempo or passages are subtle and not so easy to notice – especially for untutored ears. Bass’ parties is also very interesting and rather technical. I have no idea who recorded them because Wilke announced that he’s leaving the band in 2015. In general it reminds me a little Swedish legend of Grindcore what we’re able to hear here- I mean, legend (I can’t use word ‘veterans’ because it doesn’t exist anymore as I know) which was created in Örebro year 1992.

Vocals are just like they should be in music like that, too! I think this is the real necessity for all fans of mentioned above genre! If you think you’re one of them and will not decide to have ‘Human Collapse Syndrome’ in your collection then you should be ashamed in my opinion. I was never some huge expert from Grindcore (even if it’s not what I’m listening first of all to I still can call me loyal fan of his music, I guess), but I see potential in this band. Hope to hear something new soon.

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