Review: From The Dust Returned “Homecoming”

Review: From The Dust Returned “Homecoming”

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From The Dust Returned “Homecoming”
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This is young, formed in 2015, band coming from capital of Italy. But even so they know very well how unfair life can be. During these two years they experienced several changes in line-up – from initial one there’re only Alex De Angelis (vocals, guitars) and Marco Del Bufalo (vocals) in the band. But even worse, I guess, was that just reviewing album (called sometimes EP by members) had to be recorded twice.  First time was in 2016, but due to a mistake of sound engineer stuff was completely lost. So guys had to enter another studio after some time and record it again.

Anyhow, ‘Homecoming’ contains six songs which aren’t easy to define by some one term. Italians number several genres of music to describe more clearly what they play: in their opinion their creativity is “combination of typical elements of heavy metal, hard rock, progressive and psychedelic music”. Well, to be honest I can extremely hardly find here some elements of Heavy Metal or even Hard Rock – especially these typical ones. But I’m an old orthodox, so maybe my perception of issue is wrong. But I clearly can notice elements of Psychedelia which’s strongly connected with progressive playing.

Music we have here to do with is calm, but surely not relaxing in superstitiously meaning of this word. I mean, someone who likes rather strange sounds will surely relax while listening to this album. Guys don’t use any strange instruments, but it seems that Alex has specific music taste and arrangements are also nothing what we Metalheads are first of all dealing with. Everything sounds (I mean music, not production) like it’d come directly from 70’s.

I think it’s not so good idea to describe music itself. Reason is that here happens really a lot. And this is about all instruments and vocal, too. So to describe all dishes would take eternity, I guess. This is technical playing as well and can seemingly sound a little for cacophony. But if you’ll really listen to it then you’ll recognize some melody or even epic fragments.  Singing also is variable – I mean, this is, of course, clean singing all the time, but not in the same way in the same time. I can recommend this album only to people who like such surrealistic music or/and use some drugs – the best acid. If you like only regular Metal then you should run a mile from it.

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