Review: GRINDPAD “Violence” [Iron Shield Records]

Review: GRINDPAD “Violence” [Iron Shield Records]

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March 2020 is not destined to be remembered as a high point in human history. With people around the globe worried for their livelihood and safety, morale is at an all-time low with very little sunshine making its way through the cloudy skies. Times are grim. People are scared. People are angry. We’re looking for a sign. A beacon of hope. Literally just about anything that isn’t so goddamn depressing.

It is from that murky darkness that a light finally shines. A beacon of joy to cut through the blackness. An invitation to step out from the shadows, shotgun a beer, and jump into the great circle pit of life. That light, my friends, comes in the shape of a bikini’d babe fighting a shark with a chainsaw.

In these bleakest of times comes an unlikely savior from the Netherlands, the great heroes in Grindpad. With their third release and first full length, these gods amongst men come tearing through the darkness with a healthy dose of hardcore thrash metal, just the way its supposed to be: Loud, fast, and a whole lot of fun.

While not breaking much of any new ground with Violence, Grindpad hold strong the traditions of old, delivering a comfortably familiar batch of searing speed metal, just the way mama used to make. This isn’t mimicry, or even tribute, but rather a continuation of something that had always worked. A sonic world of fun and hope and the comforts of youth.

With supersonic beats pounding along the thrilling guitar work, hardcore attitudes playing with the influences of the thrash gods that came before them. This is good time music, and it’s exactly what the world needs right now. From the amazing artwork to the amusingly over the top lyrics to the virtuosic musicality of the group, everything about this album puts a smile on my face.

Album opener My Name is Violence kicks off with a blast that doesn’t settle until the final notes of To Those About to Die ring out. When the dust finally settles, the album will begin again and so will the party.

Every track on here is great, but the real standout track for me is Justice Part 2: Punishment. With some of the tightest grooves on the album, this thing is just begging to be moshed to. Classic thrash stylings complement the modern feel of the track. A gang vocal chorus, shredded leads, galloping rhythm parts.

The list goes on and on. It’s an instant classic.

I’m always shocked by the amount of people who aren’t into crossover thrash. Is it kind of silly? Yeah, who gives a shit? Listen to Among the Living again. They weren’t exactly writing Melville. This is good time, party thrash. Circle pit around the keg thrash.

Grindpad is awesome.

Violence is awesome.

And that’s all that needs to be said.

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