Interview with Damir Eskic (Gomorra, Destruction)

Interview with Damir Eskic (Gomorra, Destruction)

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Gomorra play no-nonsense thrash metal and their debut album Divine Judgement is a full-throttle assault on the senses packs full of speed, heaviness and the right amount of melody.

We talked with band guitarist Damir Eskic about the album, it’s creation and themes as well as Gomorra‘s past life as Gonoreas, his musical influences and favourite metal albums and his experience as a member of thrash metal masters Destruction.

What are the origins of Gomorra as a band?

We are old friends, some guys left my old band Gonoreas to join Gomorra and the other part of the band is from the band Atlas & Axis, which is the previous band of the Burning Witches boss Romana. One guy is just a good friend. We met up and speak about a new project, a new name and so we just started…

What prompted the band to change your name from Gonoreas to Gomorra?

We spoke for a long time about this, and one friend who is doing some manager parts of the band, told us, “come on guys change the name to a better name for example, GOMORRA and I will help to get some serious deals” So we just said, we have the right help, so let’s do it!

What were some of the highlights of Gonoreas?

Gonoreas played more than 1200 Shows in 20 Years, so I don’t know, but for me what was special was our first journey to Japan or to England, also one special moment was out first playing at a Festival in the City of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I think they are a lot of good and great moments in the band’s past.

Who are Gomorra’s biggest musical influences?

It’s difficult to say because we have played music for a long time now but our all-time influences are Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fat and Iced Earth.

You are just about to release your debut album Divine Judgement. How did the writing and recording of the album go?

V.O. Pulver (Destruction / Pro pain / Burning Witches / Nervosa) recorded the album and also Schmier from Destruction took the part as Producer for this album. Gomorra bandmembers wrote the whole album.

What subjects are the songs on the album about and do the tracks on the album follow a similar theme?

Yess! Divine Judgement, is one album, one theme. It’s about destroying the city of Gomorra, and all the happenings in this moment when the sky starts to rain fire, So if it happens or not, it’s a great theme to write about them.

Can you tell us about the artwork for Divine Judgement and who did it?

The artwork was done by Gyula Havanzsack, the Hungarian artist, who is working for a lot of Metal bands, like Blind Guardian, Accept, Ensiferum, TYR, Destruction etc… The artwork represents the theme of the album. It’s raining fire and everybody is dying, so this sad story.

You have just released the second single from the album entitled Flames Of Death and also a lyric video for the song. Can you tell us what the song is about?

It’s about the moment when fire is coming from the sky. A totally crazy and surreal moment, that we try to put in a song. I think it’s a great song with a good drive!

You also released a video for the albums title track and first single. Can you tell us a bit about the video and what it’s about?

Yes, the music video is a little bit moved from the bible theme to another fantasy theme, it’s more with people like zombies. We are happy with the result of this video and song, it represents the band now!

Did you feel that the song Gomorra was the perfect way to introduce the world to your music?

Yess totally! The Gomorra song is the sound that we want to do for the next time. Sometimes there are harder or less harder songs, but in general the Gomorra song was the perfect song to introduce the sound of the band.

What are Gomorras touring plans once the album is released and once this Coronavirus outbreak is under control?

At the moment is everything open… We were working for a European tour, but all the plans ruined now because of corona. I hope we can do it anyway in the beginning of 2021.

How did you get into heavy metal in the first place?

My brother is 10 years older and he has been listening to heavy metal since 1981. So, it was easy for me to get in touch with this music…

What are your favourite metal albums of all time and what is it about then that you love so much?

1 – Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son / Iron Maiden. I just love the whole album so much and listen to it a lot of times. The melodies, the drive, the sound, just everything I really love this album.

2 – Dark Saga / Iced Earth. A great album with also great melodies and strong and heavy riffing.

3 – Oddysey / Yngwie Malmsteen. Great musicians, Real virtuosity, and an album that I just love.

4 – South Of Heaven / Slayer. For me the best thrash metal album of all time!

What album or band has had the biggest effect on your life and why?

Divlje Jagode – Konji. It’s a Heavy Metal band from Bosnia. I have roots from Bosina and I survived the war of Bosnia and Croatia. This album makes me emotional every time that I listen to it, I don’t know why, but it’s a great album and reminds me of life before the life in the freedom of the western countries.

You also play guitar in Destruction. How did you come to join the band?

I have been a friend of the guys for a long time, and one day they just asked me to make some solos, on the album, Underattack. That was great, two years later they asked me to be part of the band.

Were you a fan of Destruction before and what was your favourite album?

Yess, Destruction are one of my favourite Thrash metal bands! Infernal Overkill is for me one of the best thrash metal albums of all time!!

How did the recording of the Born to Perish album go?

Great! We had a good time in the studio and it was fun to work on it!

What are Destructions plans for the upcoming year?

After this shit corona, I hope we will do some tours!

Do you find it a challenge playing in different bands or do you find a nice balance?

I am a fulltime musician and also a guitar teacher and music expert. I love it to play in both bands. They are also not the same style, so it’s totally great for me to do these two jobs.

Would Gomorra and Destruction ever do a tour together?

Oh, this is a heavy question. A festival yes, but a tour, I don’t know it will be possible for example to play 18 shows with 2 sets every night. First 5 shows I think will be possible, after 5 shows my arms will die maybe hahahaha!

What have been some of the highlights being in Destruction been so far?

Just everything, it’s great to be on the road with those nice and funny guys, I like it. Highlights, I don’t know, too many of them, so it’s one big fun time for me!

You have also guested on tracks by the likes of Burning Witches and Gurd. How were those experiences?

Burning Witches is the band of my wife. At the start they needed help and I’m with the girls when they record. With Gurd, that was also a request from our producer, because Gurd is V.O. Pulver s band. I have also recorded my stuff with Pulver since 2009.

Who would you love to work with in the future?

I’m totally happy with the situation how it is now. Not any wishes.

Who are the biggest influences on you as a musician?

Yngwie Malmsteen Eddie Van Halen and John Schaffer.

What have been some of the most memorable moments of your career so far?

This is a really difficult question. I have so many great moments. I’m in general a happy human and also thankful for all that I do in my life, so it’s too hard to get the special one moment. There are different moments, like my first custom shop Jackson guitar, my Diploma as Music didact and Music Expert for the University of Music, or some stage moments, or my time with Burning Witches, the girls are totally crazy. There are also some airplane funny moments with the Destruction guys hahaha! It’s too much to tell just one!

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