Review: HELLSTORE Brazil Compilation, Vol. 1

Review: HELLSTORE Brazil Compilation, Vol. 1

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HELLSTORE Brazil Compilation, Vol. 1
Genocidio Records

First of all, I need to apologize to Livia who sent me this compilation a long time ago: SINTO MUITO MEU AMIGA!!! Anyway, Livia is owner of GENOCIDIO RECORDS and I’m quite sure that another edition of compilation is already out. However, this label is dedicated to all kinds of extreme Metal and this is what you can find here. The compilation contains 45 bands, so this is clear as day that I’ll not describe music of all of them. Firstly I’d need write a book here and secondly I think it’d be boring as hell for you. Anyway, ensembles come mostly from Brazil, but there’re also some Portuguese ones plus bands from other countries (they’re rather exceptions confirming rule). Musically we have here Thrash, Death (even with Grind elements) and Black Metal to do.

All, or at least the very best part of ensembles are something great for lovers of old-school, orthodox playing. You can find some little exceptions here, but only if you’re petty-minded, I guess. Anyhow, these 45 bands present several ways of playing. I mean, I haven’t found two bands plating practically the same music (what in my opinion happens first of all in case of Black Metal acts, unfortunately). Besides another very big asset is that even for me, huge maniac of all scenes from Latin America, 99% of bands enclosed on this compilation was a total discovery, surprisingly. I never even heard about them before. And this discovery and surprise mostly was very positive ones! Most of the bands play technically (which means different things in case of several groups – once it’s easier to notice, once harder) and you can hear in their music some own ideas, the will of creating own music. Of course you can hear very strong influences in several cases, but it doesn’t change the fact that guys aren’t copies of this or another well-known band.

I’m extremely and even terribly happy that Livia sent me once this compilation! I always liked such releases – especially these more underground ones, thanks to which I could get to know some new, interesting and fresh bands from second corner of our planet. And here, I’ll repeat it once again, the most of bands are interesting worth of your attention for sure!

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