Review: Millennium “Awakening”

Review: Millennium “Awakening”

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Millennium “Awakening”
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Here we have another band who decided to come back after really many years of non-existence. First six years long period of MILLENNIUM’s life was hard and maybe even a little disappointed. Guys recorded one album between 1982 and 1988 (entitled the same like a band’s name), 5-way split and three demos. As far as I know there were some problems with line-up and especially guitarists that came and left quite often. Then guys disappeared for almost two decades (until 2015) and released second full-length ‘Caught in a Warzone’ in 2016. And it seems that in this time their music will be available for huger number of listeners.

The fact is that Awakening’ released only in digital format, but times are like they’re and this is maybe even better way to spread music than releasing regular CDs – even if personally I prefer and appreciate physical copies more! Well, to be honest I can’t get it why any label didn’t release this album on CD yet. Contrary to ‘Caught in a Warzone’ we have some new songs to do with on a third album of English. There’s eleven of them to be precise.

Musically this is something what was once called NWOBHM. I feel like I’d be again in my very teenage years listening this stuff, actually. That’s truth that there’s anything edge-cutting in that. Well, there wasn’t it even in 80’s, I guess. But who cares? As long as it’s played well and with imagination it doesn’t matter at all. In my opinion (and people who read my reviews at least quite regularly know about it very well) it’s better to play like that than. Especially that MILLENNIUM isn’t any copy of any more well-known band creating this kind of Metal. Anyway, music isn’t very complicated, what doesn’t mean that isn’t technically advanced. Riffs are heavy, fast, powerful and melodical in the same time. Dave and Will just run forward. Beginning of some songs is calmer, I’d even risk to use the word “atmospheric”, but it never takes a lot of time. There’re some solos of course and so on from time to time. Steve beats energetically, ballsy and variable as well. Mark’s vocal gives also some extra melody here. But in the same time there’s something in that what gives to it extra power, too.

I’m sure that people who will hear this will compare it with some English bands. But frankly it happens, for me unfortunately from one side, with ensembles of all sub-genres of Metal (and not only). Personally I always loved playing like that and I feel huge sentiment to it, too! That’s why I’m really sorry I didn’t hear MILLENNIUM earlier. Especially that this is very good band, I guess.

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