Review: Hornwood Fell “My Body, My Time”

Review: Hornwood Fell “My Body, My Time”

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Hornwood Fell “My Body, My Time”
Avantgarde Music

Italian duo, Hornwood Fell, Marco Basili – Guitars, Bass, Vocals and Andrea Basili – Drums, have created one of those albums that someone like myself, who usually prefer more straightforward sounds, gets baffled by.

Clean vocals, wave after wave of buried guitar and a torrent of over the top drums.

Which is very hard to fathom, especially as they used to be a Black Metal band.

The snarling Scandinavian Black Metal has been replaced by long drawn out Progressive meets arty Post Black, not quite Shoegaze… with the occasional infusion of aggression. With the vocals taking on a VoiVod covering Pink Floyd semi spoken diatribe… and not a Black Metal scream within a thousand miles.

And I’m kind of sitting on the fence with it.

The sound is immense, the clarity is wonderful. And top marks for the constantly shifting rhythms and time changes. My only problem is that I’m not getting it. It doesn’t click with my tastes. When the more powerful elements drop out for more atmospheric leanings to take over, I’m more in tune with it.

A lot of it is to do with the vocals as I’m not sure if they resonate with the music. The cleaner vocals of The Returned work very well, but the more angst ridden, Radiohead does Punk… for want of a better description, they seem more suited to some arty Indy project, than a band that used to play Black Metal.

I’d advise to try before you buy…

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